Download Cydia installer for iPhone

Cydia installer is a third party app installer that helps iOS users to install various applications on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This amazing Cydia is an alternative to the Apple's official Apps Store because you can find and download thousands of apps and tweaks through the Cydia downloader. Most of the iDevice users suggest Cydia download because there are many advantages in this third-party app store. The most important benefit is, Cydia let you install more stuff on your iPhone, iPod or iPad that Apple does not allow you to download and install. If you're willing to get this wonderful app on your iOS device, you have to follow a small process which calls Jailbreak. Want to know more about iOS jailbreak and free Cydia installer? then, go through this tutorial for more information about the iOS jailbreak and Cydia download

Cydia installer for iOS

How to get Cydia installer download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Install Cydia for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is not that hard, you just have to follow only a few steps to jailbreak and Cydia download on your iOS device. Since Apple stopped the facility of installing a third-party application on their iOS running devices, iOS developers found another way to download and install those unknown apps on iDevices and it calls "Jailbreak". Jailbreak an iDevice is easy to do with a few steps and jailbroken device let you customize your iDevice that Apple never gave you before. How to get iOS Cydia installer download on your iDevice ? For sure, this is the most interesting part of the jailbreak. Once jailbreak your device using a compatible tool, Cydia download will automatically install on your iDevice. There are various download Cydia versions according to your iOS version and the latest update that have released to the public is iOS 9.3.3 Cydia

Video - Cydia installer download for iOS 9.3.3 using the Pangu iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool

Benefits of Cydia download

Apple already has created App Store for iDevice users to download and install new apps, games but there is a limitation of Apple devices and users cannot go beyond these limits. The jailbreak will help you to break these restrictions and there is another way to use your Apple device with the free installer Cydia. The most important thing is you will see a ton of new apps, games, tweaks, themes and more stuff in the Cydia app store that does not appear in Apple's official app store. iOS users will be able to download most interesting paid apps for totally free in this amazing Cydia downloader. Here are some more advantages of download Cydia installer for the new members,

  • Break the restrictions of your device - Once you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will be the administrator of your device which means you have the full control of your iDevice and it will let you customize the device that un-jailbroken devices would never let you such as change themes, install tweaks, mods etc..

  • Unlock your device - Some iPhone models will be unlocked after the jailbreaking. There is network carrier locked iPhones in some countries which mean you can use only the provided GSM networks such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc... But if you already have jailbroken your iOS device, you are allowed to use any network on your device.

  • Free Applications - There are thousands of new apps, games, themes, ringtones, tweaks and more stuff in the install Cydia free. You will be able to download your favorite apps in installer Cydia that isn't free in the official App Store.

  • Possible to remove jailbreak anytime - If you think jailbreak should be removed from your iOS running device, simply, restore your iDevice using the iTunes and that will remove jailbreak and Cydia download quickly.

  • Yes, it's legal - iPhone, iPod, iPad jailbreaking is legal under the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act in the USA.

Cydia apps store

 Install Cydia on Windows/ Mac versions

Jailbreak and Cydia download for iOS 10

Download the new Pangu 10 jailbreak on your iOS 10 running device to jailbreak and install Cydia free. This new version of Pangu jailbreak is supports both Windows and Mac computers. iOS 10 jailbreak with Pangu tool is compatible with 64-bit devices, same as the previous Pangu 9.3.3 download. You can download the latest iOS 10 Cydia on your Apple device through the below direct download links

 ♦ For Windows Users  Pangu10 version 1.3.x
♦ For Mac Users  Pangu10 version 1.1.x

Cydia installer download for iOS 9.3.3 - iOS 9.2

Pangu, world's best jailbreak team released the Pangu iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool for working with iOS 9.2 through iOS 9.3.3 to install Cydia. Remember that this is the latest installer Cydia version that available to install for iDevices users and iOS 9.3.3 Cydia downloader is compatible with 64-bit devices which means 32-bit devices are no longer possible to run with jailbreak and Cydia installer download

♦ Window/ Mac/ Linux users  Pangu 9.3.3 Jailbreak Chinese
♦ Window/ Mac/ Linux users  Pangu 9.3.3 Jailbreak English
♦ iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users  Pangu 9.3.3 Jailbreak via Safari Browser

Download Cydia for iOS 9 - iOS 9.1

A few months ago, the same jailbreak team released the Pangu 9 tool for the Cydia lovers. This version support with both 32 and 64-bit devices

 ♦ For Windows Users  Pangu9 version 1.3.1
♦ For Mac Users  Pangu9 version 1.1.0

iOS 8.1.3 - iOS 8.4 Cydia install

If you're still running on iOS 8.1.3 - 8.4 version, following jailbreak tools will help you to Cydia download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. TaiG jailbreak supports with Windows and PP jailbreak supports with Mac.

 ♦ For Windows Users  TaiG v2.4.3
♦ For Mac Users  PP Jailbreak v2.0.0

Download Cydia installer for iOS 10, iOS 10.0.1, iOS 10.0.2

iOS 10.2 is the latest iOS version that has released by Apple for iDevices users. If you're an iDevice user, that looking for iOS 10.2 jailbreak or iOS 10.2 Cydia download, there are a lot of information to know. Still, we're unable to download Cydia installer iOS 10.2 because any of the developer team has not released an official jailbreak for the Cydia lovers. The first beta of latest iOS update has already jailbroken by a few iOS hackers but still, we couldn't get any public version for this update running devices. Pangu, TaiG, and PP jailbreak teams are working hard to release a new version of iOS 10.2 Cydia installer free to their loving Cydia fans. Anyhow, keep in touch with us for the latest update.